Viscotecs is a digital production system designed to unite IT with integrated manufacturing to provide our customers with exactly what they want, exactly when they want it, as much as they want.

Viscotecs: the Ultimate Business Model

Viscotecs is our unique digital production system for integrating planning, manufacturing, and sales.
Viscotecs is the ultimate business model designed to achieve on-line, customizable, environmentally-friendly and inventory-free production of small lots with short delivery time, providing our customers with exactly what they want, exactly when they want it, as much as they want.
Combining over 100 years of technology and the latest in IT, Viscotecs is adaptable to any production system, from one custom-made garment to mass production for a global order. Besides apparel, Viscotecs is used in a variety of other fields, from automotive upholstery to interior/housing and advertising banners.

Textile Viscotecs

At our production sites in Japan, China, USA, and Thailand, a full 300 Viscotecs printers are in operation. Since the start of our production using the Viscotecs system 20 years ago, our Viscotecs production capacity has grown to 12 million meters per year. By using the most appropriate ink, such as aqueous dyes, dispersive dyes, we can apply Viscotecs to almost all textile materials, whether woven or knitted, including polyester, nylon, cotton, wool, and silk, and their blends. Starting with fashionable apparel and sportswear, our Viscotecs products have a wide variety of applications, including innerwear, car seats, and signs.

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Non-Textile Viscotecs

We've extended the Viscotecs technology cultivated for 20 years in the textile field to non-textile fields, applying it to a variety of materials such as ceramics, concrete, wood, metal, glass, and plastics. In addition to its color representation of 16,770,000 colors, our non-textile Viscotecs technology has achieved 3-dimensional texture representation, as well as ultra-high light-resistance, a property required for its application in outdoor use.

Sales of the Viscotecs System

In response to our customers' needs, we offer customized sales of our Viscotecs production system, which boasts a 20-year long performance record. We offer the Viscotecs system in a complete package including ink, heads, machines, chemical surface treatment technology, color management, networking, and production technology for a variety of materials (such as textiles, ceramics, concrete, wood, metal, glass, and plastics). The printer for the Viscotecs system is available in three (3) types: roll, line, and flatbed that can be selected to match its intended use.

Advertising Signs

Viscotecs is perfect for making a variety of signs, as it allows for full-color representation of design data, such as illustrations, photographs, or logos, directly on fabric. This system has turned the conventional wisdom of the sign industry upside down, offering rapid production of tools for advertising at low cost, such as outdoor signs as well as in-store point-of-purchase (POP) advertisements and position advertisements, in a quantity starting with one (1). Viscotecs products with new features include environment-friendly recycled sheets and non-combustible sheets that meet the applicable standards for non-combustible materials.
We have also created a cloth sheet specially designed for use in inkjet printing that is stronger and less prone to tear than paper, yet realizes beautiful color development and a high-quality feel to no lesser extent than paper. The cloth sheet is available in types to match its intended use, whether indoor or outdoor.

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