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Seiren is engaged in creating near-future materials in the electronics field: high-performance electrically conductive materials, high-performance wiping cloth, and next-generation battery separator materials, etc.
These materials are expanding their applications into the space and other new fields.

Business Fields

Electronics Products/Materials Business

Our electronics products/materials business have drawn high attention for its new composite materials developed from our highly functional textiles, cutting-edge weaving/knitting technology, and various textile processing/ finishing techniques. They are expected to applied to in a large variety of digitalized fields. Through our electronics products/materials business, SEIREN keep pursuing highly functional and high quality products required in the electronic field.

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Industrial High-Resolution
Inkjet System Sales Business

Seiren offers "High-resolution inkjet system" which is "Viscotecs"-based inkjet  technology. Thay allow fine printing and highly accurate application which is required in the printed electronics market.

Textile/Industrial Materials Equipment Development Business

Seiren is developing, manufacturing and sells textile/industrial materials equipment which contribute to labor-saving. We accomplished this by integrating our textile dyeing/ finishing technologies and electronics with advanced mechatronics.
We export Automatic fabric weft straighteners as our staple product in worldwide. With our sensor technology, we are also developing measurement equipments for the usafge of other industrial fields.

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Silicon Wafer Film Deposition/SOI Wafer Manufacturing Business

Through our wafer business, we offer wafers deposited with various types of films focusing primarily on thermally-oxidized films, which find applications in research and development associated with semiconductor manufacturing processes as well as products associated with optical components manufacturing processes.  In addition, leveraging our original thick thermal oxide film deposition technology, we have successfully developed an ultra-small full-color laser module for possible use in smart glass and other applications, making efforts toward realizing its mass production.

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Flexible conductive material, featuring its excellent flexibility, stretchability and flex resistance, and thus expected to find applications in electrical wiring/cabling, circuits and sensor electrodes

Conductive Woven fabric/Conductive Non-Woven fabric

Composite materials combining excellent conductivity and EMI shielding for use as flexible noise suppression materials

Sound Permeable Waterproof Filter

Functional film with stable air permeability, sound permeability and waterproofness, achieving waterproof ratings of IPX7 and IPX8 for mobile device cases

Antistatic-Dustproof Material

Material combining high filterability and air permeability, featuring its excellent antistatic property

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