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Corporate Philosophy

Our Corporate Philosophy is Based on Three (3) Key Principles - "Nobi-nobi", "Iki-iki" and "Pichi-pichi".
These three (3) principles - which represent "Self-motivation", "Responsibility" and "Commitment", respectively, as concrete concepts,
have enabled all our group's employees to work united under a common awareness toward the same goal.  
Nobi-nobi Iki-iki Pichi-pichi 
Three Principles for All Employees to Work with Self-Motivation, Responsibility and Responsibility


With our challenging attitude, 
we are constantly giving innovative ideas a go.

Iki-iki (Responsibility)

Making the impossible possible.
Our real job is all about 
"solving problems".

Pichi-pichi (Commitment)

Putting ourselves in the
customers' place and 
thinking about what we can do for them

Aiming to Become an Excellent Company

for our stockholders, customers, employees and local community

Corporate Strategy 

Our Four (4) Business Strategies .
Since 1987, with “The time for change at Seiren is now” as our corporate slogan, our company has directed all our best efforts toward reforming its corporate structure to become "an excellent company for the 21st century".
To achieve this goal, our company has committed to the following four (4) business strategies: