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In its medical/nursing care materials business segment, SEIREN has engaged in the development and sale of medical/nursing care related materials and systems contributing to the people's health and comfortable livelihood through deepening and integrating its various technological achievements.  

Business Fields


Pure Sericin Business

Based on "pure sericin" protecting us from stress like cocoons, our pure sericin business commits to supporting people's affluent lives in a wide range of fields from the cosmetic field to the medical field including iPS cells storage.

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Medical Deodorizer DEOEST

Designed for use in stoma care, medical deodorizer "DEOEST", characterized by its excellent deodorizing performance, functions to mask any offensive odor completely and prevent the odor from being released, supporting patients in living comfortable and secure lives after their operation or during their recuperation.

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Products/Materials for Medical, Nursing and Health Care

Based on our advanced textile technology, composite technology and chemical technology, we at Seiren commit to offering products and materials supporting the health and security of people working at the frontline of medical and nursing care.


Comprehensive Medical Information Systems
NEW CureLa Series

Through our NEW CureLa Series, we offer comprehensive medical information systems including electronic health record system, offering solutions to problems encountered by people working at the frontline of medical care to support them in providing safe and secure high-quality medical care.


High Performance Antiviral Technology BYERUS®

Through BYERUS, we commit to offering and further developing our antiviral technology in various fields, aiming at helping people achieve more comfortable and secure lives. 


Artificial Blood Vessel Base Material

Developed based on our original textile technology, our artificial blood vessel base material features its compatibility with body tissues as well as its elasticity and flexibility.

Filter Related Materials

Through our filter related materials, our textile modification technology has contributed to a wide range of fields including not just simple filtration, but also water softening, wastewater treatment, separation and purification, virus removal, selective adsorption and rare metal recovery.


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