Relationship between Business Activities and the Environment

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Commitment to the Society in which People Lead Lives and the Earth on which Humans Live

The Seiren Group has expanded its business activities in a wide variety of fields,  creating multiple products and technologies contributing to environmental impact reduction and environmental pollution prevention.


Materials (such as fabric)
Dyes/Chemicals & Packagings/Materials

Environmentally Hazardous Substances Management

  • Act on the Evaluation of Chemical Substances and Regulation of Their Manufacture, etc.
  • Industrial Safety and Health Act
  • Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Control Act
  • Other applicable laws and regulations, and self-regulatory standards

Our Business Activities


Green Lab

  • Development of environmentally-conscious products and technologies  


Integrated production system from fiber making to product planning, manufacturing and finished product production

  • Loss/waste reduction

Viscotecs system

  • No excess production
  • Resource-saving/energy-saving
  • Hotel factory

Environmentally conscious factory

  • Zero emissions
  • ISO14001 certification acquisition


Intelligent building

  • Energy saving



Laws and regulations

  • Law on Control of Household Products Containing Harmful Substances
  • RoHS Directive
  • REACH Regulation

Environmentally-friendly products certification

  • OECO-TEXⓇStandard 100
  • bluesignⓇ
  • Eco Mark, J∞QUALITY, etc.

Customer/industry self-regulatory standards

  • JAMP → chemSHERPA
  • Customer RSL, etc.


Industrial waste reduction

  • Recycling of waste fiber, vinyl, paper, etc.

Air Pollution Control Law

  • Emission control/reduction of air pollutant VOC
  • Abolition of incinerators, etc.

Emission control/reduction of CO2
Water Pollution Control Law

  • Emission control/reduction of heavy metal, solvent, etc.

PRTR (Pollutant Release and Transfer Register) Law

  • Self-managed reporting on environmental releases and transfers of chemical substances from facilities and reduction of such releases and transfers

Revolutionary VA activities

Implementing all-employees participating "You Found it!" campaign  (Yoku Mitsukemashita Undo)  to completely eliminate loss and waste ((Increasing employee awareness of costs and the environment)

Environmental promotion committee activities 

Conducting subcommittee activities on different environmental issues, waste recycling promotion and companywide awareness building for environmental problems (with seminars conduction)

"Seiryu Katsudo" (Rectification) activities 

Clearly defining employees' work roles and responsibility to daily improve their business activities according to Five Corporate Principles (Go-gen-Shugi)” of "theoretical approach”, “observance of rules”, “field visits”, “actual product and fact-based analysis”

Commitment to Creating an Eco-Friendly Facilities Environment

The Seiren Group is committed to pursuing R & D and production activities, contributing to creating a recycling-oriented society. 

Eco-Friendly Research Facility

Research & Development Center

The Research & Development Center commits to engaging in research and development of new technologies and products friendly to humans and the earth based on three (3) fundamental principles - "Green Lab" harmoniously coexisting with the environment, "Creative Lab" pursuing new ideas and bold challenges, and "Highly Functional Lab" ensuring its reliability and safety as well as its high performance.

Eco-Friendly Factory

FM Center

The FM Center constitutes the Seiren's central production site for mass production of film-based next-generation EMI shielding materials through a production line consisting of a production process designed using water, a valuable resource, by recycling and a highly efficient water recycling system designed to allow recovery and recycling of 90% of the water discharged from the production process.  

Eco-Friendly Office

Fukui Head Office Building

Our Fukui Head Office Building is equipped with an ice thermal storage type all-electric air conditioning system using midnight electric power to achieve energy saving and electric load leveling as well as high heat shielding/insulating glass to reduce the external heat load among other eco-conscious features, making it eco-friendly and less energy consuming.