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Through materials development based on its textile technology accumulated over more than one (1) century, SEIREN has extended its business to manufacturing and sale of materials for use in a wide range of fields supporting the people's livelihood, such as civil engineering, construction, interior and industrial materials.  

Business Fields

Civil Engineering Materials Business

Proactively driving innovation with new ideas based on our wide ranging textile technology, our civil engineering materials business commits to creating new needs in the field of civil engineering.  Further, in this business field, we are committed to developing highly functional, workable, durable and sustainable materials useful in realizing-long-serving structures, thereby contributing to creating stronger infrastructure.

Construction Materials Business

In our construction materials business field, we are committed to developing high-performance housing materials designed anticipating the needs of the times such as eco-friendliness, lightweight and high durability.  We have successfully developed such materials including moisture-permeable waterproof sheet and floor plywood protection sheet (ranked top by market share in the nation) as well as maintenance-free products such as weed proofing sheet, all of which have been highly rated by many of our customers for their performance.  We commit to continue offering products eco-friendly from every perspective, contributing to society.

Industrial Materials Business

In the field of industrial materials requiring expertise and speedy development, we commit to making the maximum use of our accumulated textile technology while communicating well with our customers to create high-performance products focused on quality, design, eco-friendliness and other attributes required by them.

Viscotecs System Sales Business

We offer Viscotecs customized to customers' individual specifications as industrial inkjet decoration system "Viscotecs System" for use in various materials allowing mass production, but without loss of any of its features including "small lot", "short-time delivery",  "inventory-free" and "large variety" production.

Fluorocarbon Resin Inkjet System

Leveraging Seiren's all Viscotecs "one-of-a-kind" ink, device, software technology, we have successfully developed a system designed to allow fluorocarbon resin ink based inkjet decoration and application, realizing highly water-resistant and heat-resistant highly weatherable film impossible to achieve with conventional methods.

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