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Our Purpose and Mission

Research & Development Oriented Enterprise

Contributing to the World by Linking our Seeds to Our Customers' Needs

Examples of Our Currently Marketed "One-of-A-Kind" Products 

Viscotecs, our Proprietary Digital Production System, realizing Inventory-free Production

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QUOLE, A Seiren's Original New Material Surpassing Genuine Leather

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Lamitect Series, Moisture-Permeable Waterproof Housing Materials Developed by Seiren for use as House Exterior Wall Substrate Sheets

Pure Sericin, An Exceptional Moisturizing/Antioxidizing Silk Protein Extracted from Cocoons using Seiren's Technology


Zxion®, A Seiren's Original LCP Fiber with Superb Tensile Strength and Elasticity 


Flex Move, A 8-way Stretch Free-cut Material with a Perfect Fit Developed using Seiren's Proprietary Technology

Textile/Industrial Material Processing Equipment Produced by Integrating Seiren's Dyeing & Finishing Technology and Electronics Technology

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Electrically Conductive Fabric, Seiren's Original Super-Fiber Material Combining Both Metal and Textile Properties

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Examples of Our Products that Change the World

Ultra-Small Artificial Satellites

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Metaflex, A Flexible Conductive Material Developed by Seiren's Textile Technology

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BYERUS Series, Antiviral Products Developed by Seiren's Original Technology


World’s fastest curing Innovative Carbon Fiber Reinforced Prepreg sheet


Ultra-Small Optical Engine Achieved by Seiren's Technology for Thick Film Deposition on Silicon Wafer

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"Resource Saving", "Petroleum Free" and "Non-Polluting" Next-Generation Eco-Friendly Textile Fiber "Blue Message"


Diverse Fields of Business

With Our Textile Technology Accumulated over More than 130 Years as Our Core Competence
Electronics Materials Business

In our electronics materials business, we have marketed products developed by our "one of a kind" technology, such as metal-textile composite materials and ultra-fine fiber material "wiping cloth", for use in the cutting-edge electronics field. 

Fashion/Sports/Inner Materials Business

We have expanded our fashion/sports/inner materials business with Viscotecs, our unique digital production system, as its nucleus to market a wide range of clothing materials including personal customized products as well as fashion, sports and inner clothing materials.

Automotive Upholstery Materials Business

In our automotive upholstery business, we have created high added value products through new materials development and state-of-the-art design, retaining the No.1 position in the global car seat cover materials market.

Medical Materials Business

Our medical materials business has expanded across a wide field of life science by marketing our original medical products such as silk protein "Pure Sericin TM" as an anti-ageing product, an artificial blood vessel material highly rated by frontline medical professionals for its performance, medicated adhesive patch material, and high-performance deodorizing products.  

Environmental/Life Materials Business

In our environmental/life materials business, we have marketed our original products developed based on our accumulated textile technology, covering a wide range of fields such as construction, civil engineering, interior and nursing care.   

Global Enterprise

Supplying High-Quality Products to Customers across The World Simultaneously with Zero Time Difference and Zero Distance Feeling
Seiren Expands Its Business Globally
Fiscal year ending March 2024

Totaling 42 sites in ten (10) countries across the world

Top Market Shares

Global Domestic
・ Automotive upholstery material (Car seat cover material)
・ Cleanroom high-end wiping cloth (SAVINA)
・ Thick oxide film deposited wafer (optical communication material)
・ Plywood floor protection sheet (NU-RAIN)
・ Conductive textile material (PLAT)
・ Antistatic textile fiber (BELLTRON)
・ Fabric weft straightener (DENSIMATIC)