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Our Unique Digitally-based Production System Defying the Commonsense Knowledge about Manufacturing

Giving Shape to "What You Want"

Realizing representation of highly precise and rich color representation on every type of material and product.
Allowing for limitless design representation including three-dimensional concave-convex texture, fine design and material texture production.

Design representation on every type of material

Three-dimensional texture representation

Fine design representation

Material texture production

Offering Limitless Potential in Every Application

Our digital production system can apply to all types of materials for decorative representation, from textile materials and synthetic leathers to non-textile materials including wood, concrete, ceramics, plastic, PVC, glass and metal.
It has further expanded its application into various other genres in which conventional production systems had failed to achieve intended results.

Automotive upholstery

Building exterior

Outdoor/indoor signage



Building interior

Interior material

Goods and accessories

Every daily necessity

Allowing Decorative Representation on a Wide Range of Configurations

Our digital production system allows decoration even on complex curved surfaces and small parts, finding its application in a wide range of uses.

Decoration possible even on curved surface

Decoration possible even on concave-convex surface

Decoration on multiple surface

Decoration on small part

Allowing Impartation of Functions Useful in Every Field

Antibacterial/antiviral function

Flame retardant function

Highly weather resistant function

Stain resistant/release function

Deodorizing function

Air permeable function

Water repellent function

Moisturizing function

Exploring New Business Potential Based on Inkjet Technology

Based on our proprietary technology "Viscotecs®", our digital production system allows integrated production, reforming the commonsense knowledge about manufacturing.
Achieving reduction in lead time from planning to manufacturing, our digital production system realizes large-variety small-lot inventory-free production, offering customers "exactly what they want exactly when they want it, as much as they want".

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