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Integrating Textile and Metal Technologies to Open A New Era of Electronics

Our electronics products/materials business has drawn high attention for its new composite materials developed from our highly functional textiles, cutting-edge weaving/knitting technology, and various textile processing/finishing techniques.They are expected to applied in a large variety of industrial fields which is becoming more digitalized.  Through its electronics products/materials business, SEIREN keep pursuing highly functional and high quality products required in the field of electronics.



METAFLEX is a flexible conductive material, featuring its excellent flexibility, elasticity and flex resistance, and thus expected to apply in electrical wiring/cabling, circuits and sensor electrodes. 



A functional film with stable air permeability, sound permeability and waterproofness, achieving waterproof ratings of IPX7 and IPX8 for mobile device cases.


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Conductive Fabric

A flexible anti noise material with excellent conductivity and electromagnetic shielding function.


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Industrial Application Examples

We have been applying our electronics materials in various industrial fields.


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Antistatic-Dustproof Material

Material combining high filterability and air permeability, featuring its excellent antistatic property

High-Performance Antistatic Fiber BELLTRON

BELLTRON is a high-performance electrically conductive fiber designed to suppress static electricity, a source of various kinds of interference, featuring its excellent washing resistance, flex resistance, and abrasion resistance. 

Wiping Cloth SAVINA

A super cleanroom compatible wiping cloth material produced using KB Seiren's high-performance ultrafine fiber BELIMA X.

Liquid crystalline polyester fiber Zxion®

Engineered plastic fiber with excellent strength and modulus achieving high degree fiber orientation and crystallization by KB Seiren's original fiber spinning technology and thermal processing technology.

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