EMI Shielding Case

Proceed solid cast conductive fabric which has shielding effect, we could resinify the metal cases which are used around the noise source.

EMI Shielding cover which reduces noise from  large-size battery of electric vehicle. (Insert-molded of conductive fabric)



①Weight Reduction

  • Compared with shield made of metal, it could achive weight reduction.
  • Since it is light weight, easy to handl
  Material  Weight Weight Reduction when resinifiied 
Conventional product Galivanized sheet copper 7.800g/㎡(t=1.0㎜) 77% Weight reduction
Aluminum die casting 6.750g/㎡(t=2.5㎜) 74% Weight reduction
SEIREN Proposal Conductive fabric + Resin forming 1.763g/㎡(t=2.0㎜) -

②Equip shield to radiant heat holes

  • With usage of conductive fabric with high permeability, it can also shield radiant heat holes

③High permeability

  • With usage of conductive fabric with permeability, it is compatible with transparency and shielding.
Transparent resin case equipped with panched metal
Solid casting consists of transparent conductive fabric and transparent resin
Possible to visually confirm the circuit board inside the case.

Various Usage

  • Resin for metal case
  • EMI Shielding, transparent resin case which needs countermeasure for static electricity


Shielding Data (KEC method: Electric field)
Comparison of single material: Conductive fabric and Panched metal

Above data is one of the examples. We can propose as your requested spec with various kinds of conductive fabrics.

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