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Viscotecs with "Offering you exactly what you want exactly when you want it, as much as you want" as its concept, helps you solve your relevant problems.
Does your manufacturing process face any of the following challenges?
How to produce large varieties of products in a small lot for each product

Large Variety/Small Lot 

How to avoid excess inventory storage cost and unsold inventory risk 

Inventory Free

How to quickly make-to-order any product that sold and sell

Quick Response

Viscotecs Solutions Can Address All These Challenges!

For Fashion field  

Allowing "make-to-order" production only in required quantities, thus eliminating concern about any excess inventory


For Industrial Material field

Allowing design representation on a wide range of materials including ceramics, concrete, wood, plastics, as well as conversion of one (1) single material into multiple new materials by decoration to create diverse representations and textures on them, eliminating the need for inventory of multiple types of materials

For Electronics field

Allowing design representation for any application, enabling inventory-free production in every application


Based the Viscotecs technology accumulated over more than 30 years, the Viscotecs system has been further developed as a whole including all its relevant elements such as its software, hardware and ink, finding its application to various materials including textile fiber fabric, ceramics, concrete, metal, glass, wood and plastics.
Such applications include automotive upholstery materials (such as car seat cover and instrument panel materials), housing & construction materials (such as house exterior wall materials, house floor, internal wall and other interior materials, kitchen, bath and other housing equipment materials) and fashion and sundry materials (bag and shoe materials created combining with new material QUOLE surpassing genuine leather) and other materials used in our daily household lives.

Features of Viscotecs
<Examples of Its Application to Textile>

Conventional textile printing system requires time-consuming and costly "analog" design pattern creation and mass volume printing. Our original printing system "Viscotecs" digitalizes the entire printing process, thus realizing a multi-variety, small-lot, short delivery time and inventory-free production.
The "Viscotecs" system finds its application in a variety of fields including not only apparel & clothing, but also automotive upholstery and advertising signage.

Viscotecs Allows Conversion of One (1) Base Material for One (1) Piece of Clothing into Multiple Clothing Items with Diverse Representations


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  Conventional System Viscotecs Solutions
Color & Design Representation Capacity 10 to 20 colors
1 repeat: 1×2 meters
Up to 16,770,000 colors
Color representable in any number of colors within the specified range
Color representation designed by PC can be reproduced on fabric or other material as it is.
Any design repeat size possible
Lot Size 2000m/lot 1m to length for one (1) clothing item Every type of production system possible from make-to-order production for 1m/one (1) piece of clothing to global order for mass production
Lead Time Three (3) months to six (6) months Five (5) hours to two (2) weeks Quick response possible
Quick additional production of any product that sold possible, eliminating inventory of the product

Other Application Examples

In addition to apparel and clothing, Viscotecs has also found its application in other various fields such as automotive upholstery and sign sheet materials.
For any inquiries about any of other Viscotecs applications, please contact our specialist staff for consultation.

Realizing Eco-Friendly Manufacturing 

In recent years, fashion and other industries have raised issues associated with excess inventory and waste/loss.
Viscotecs is a digital production system designed to allow production of exactly what you want exactly when you want it, as much as you want, eliminating excess inventory as well as loss and waste.
In addition, Viscotecs is a resource-saving and energy-saving production system, providing optimal services for customers who are considering eco-friendly businesses.

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