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Viscotecs-Based Production System Contributing to SDGs

Excess production leading to inventory disposal has become a significant social problem, also being regarded as a challenge facing our planet as such production is equivalent to wasting its valuable resources and energies.
With "offering exactly what you want exactly when you want it, as much as you want it" as its concept, Viscotecs forms the basis for our original multi-variety, small-lot, short delivery time and customized production system, realizing an inventory-free eco-friendly production.

The Viscotecs system is an advanced digital production system based on integrated development from hardware, software and chemical technology to production technology.

Inventory Free

Ultimate Multi-Variety Small-Lot 

Viscotecs can satisfactorily respond to the requirements of every type of production system from a make-to-order production system to produce a one-of-a-kind product for each individual customer to a global order production system for mass production.  Not being bound by the concept of "production lot",  without paying any attention to the concept of "production lot", this digital production system allows production of "exactly what customers want exactly when they want it, as much as they want it" with resultant reduction of waste and loss, realizing "inventory-free and waste-free business".

Quick Response

The Viscotecs production system allows us to achieve speedy production of what sells and what sold without missing product sales opportunities.  In addition, combined with Viscotecs, our color management technology realizes virtual planning, allowing color/design representation planned by designer using PC to be reproduced as it is for use in commercial production.   This enables prototype-free speedy production, leading to prepress-free and paper-free production.

Virtual Planning

Virtual Planning
Utilizing Viscotecs' 16,700,000 Color Representation Capacity

Utilizing 3DCG (Three-dimensional Computer Graphics) Technology to Prepare
Modeling Data, Realizing Virtual Representation of Clothing in a More Real Manner

Multi-Variety Small-Lot Short Delivery Time Production

Realizing the World's First Personal Order System

Based on its original proprietary digital production system "Viscotecs", Seiren launched the world's first personal order shop "Viscotecs make your brand", realizing inventory-free business.
This "Viscotecs make your brand" based "inventory-free" business model helps solve the problem experienced by the fashion clothing industry - "Excess production leading to unsold inventory disposal", realizing eco-friendly business development, thereby greatly contributing to the industry's development and continuity.

"Viscotecs make your brand" Fukui Shop


Based on the ”Four (4) Principles Constituting the Basic Policy on Eco-Friendly Systems (*)" , Viscotecs realizes a pollution-free production line with the water and energy consumption reduced to 1/5 to 1/2 of that consumed by the convention production line, contributing to "resource saving" and "energy saving" to help conserve humans and the environment of the planet on which they live.

* Four (4) Principles Constituting the Basic Policy on Eco-Friendly Systems

  1. Complying with environment-related laws and regulations and maintaining EMS;
  2. Properly storing, handling and controlling chemical substances; 
  3. Purifying polluted wastewater and properly managing and reducing waste; and
  4. Reducing consumption of power and fuel and effectively utilizing them

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