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Viscotecs originally developed for use in textile fabric materials has successfully expanded its application in non-textile fields for decoration (function impartation) onto various types of non-textile materials (including ceramics, concrete, metal, glass, wood and plastics), realizing color representation of 16,770,000 colors and three-dimensional textured representation, as well as super-colorfastness to light, a requirement for outdoor use.

Viscotecs enables converting one single material into multiple new materials by decoration to create various color designs and/or three-dimensional concave-convex representations on them

Non-Textile Viscotecs Application Examples

Wood panel×Viscotecs

Viscotecs representation of design on wood panel to provide it with wood grain texture


Viscotecs representation of design on plywood to provide it with mixed materials texture

Ceramic material×Viscotecs

Viscotecs representation of color pattern design on ceramic material to provide it with three-dimensional pattern texture

Ceramic material×Viscotecs

Viscotecs application of more than 20 year weatherproof inkjet printing ink to ceramic material for weatherable decoration, which is also applicable to exterior wall material

Automotive instrument panel

Application of new Viscotecs technology enabling coloring with simultaneous three-dimensional representation to provide a new material with fineness and three-dimensional concave-convex pattern texture unavailable through conventional decoration methods


Application of Viscotecs inkjet printing to glass material for decoration


Application of Viscotecs inkjet printing to plastic material for decoration, allowing proper color/design placemen on its curved portions.


Combination of QUOLE texture and Viscotecs design/texture representation to provide new mixed materials texture representation

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