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A product group comprising airbag materials developed by Seiren's original global integrated system from proposal to quality product production and supply
Through our Group-based integrated production system from product planning and fiber making to finished product production, we commit to flexibly responding to consumer diverse needs, aiming at achieving the No.1 position in customer satisfaction.

Scope of Our Airbag Business

Our airbag business field covers production of materials for all types of automotive airbags including not only driver and front passenger airbags, but also side airbags, curtain airbags and knee airbags.

Features of Our Airbag Business

Integrated Production System Including Product Planning

We have established an integrated production system for production of airbag materials from product planning to fiber making, weaving, finishing, cutting, sewing and folding.

Quality Control 

We have established our original system for quality control of airbag materials using automatic inspection machinery to ensure their quality control.

Global Supply System

We have established a global production and supply system for airbag materials with their production and supply sites at Japan, China and Thailand. 

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A product group comprising airbag materials developed by Seiren's original global integrated system from proposal to quality product production and supply

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