Automotive Interior

Seiren’s four unique systems to meet customers’ needs in the automotive Interior field

Integrated production system

  • Visit here for details on Seiren’s integrated production system achievable only through its unique expertise in the entire field of textile from fiber to fabric.

Global production centers

  • Visit here for detailed information on Seiren’ global production centers which allow it to realize delivery and supply of its products around the world with “zero time lag”.

Functionality and designs

  • Striving for new functionality:
  • Seiren is consistently striving for development of merchandise with new functionality to meet the needs of the times and customers’ specific requirements in a timely manner and at reasonable costs. Such needs and requirements include speedy development of products with functions related to “environment, comfort and health”, making them friendly to humans and the earth.
  • Striving for new designs:
  • As part of its vital activities, Seiren’s automotive business division is constantly surveying and analyzing current and future automotive design trends so as to identify the target users’ needs, consistently striving for development of new designs of upholstery materials required for the next generation of vehicles.
    To achieve its above-mentioned goal, Seiren has also emphasized the importance of close communication and collaboration between the designers of its automotive business division and other relevant business divisions.

Quality and accreditation

  • Quality assured by Seiren quality standards and accredited by ISO standards:
  • Seiren has established strict quality standards to ensure compliance of its products with customers’ requirements for their physical, color fastness, appearance and other properties. In addition, Seiren has promoted activities to acquire appropriate ISO accreditations not only to offer its customers better quality products, but also to fulfill its commitments to protect the global environment.

Automotive upholstery materials
(skin materials/decorative parts)

Using a wide variety of materials from fabric to synthetic and natural leather, Seiren’s automotive products span a wide range from various types of seat materials to decorative parts designed to uniquely characterize the interior of each vehicle. Through its unique integrated production system, Seiren is offering its automotive upholstery materials to customers on a global scale.


Airbag materials

Seiren is producing materials for airbags, vital safety equipment for vehicles, at three production centers in Japan, China and Thailand to offer these materials to customers on a global scale. With our airbag material business strategy focused on “offering safer, more compact and reasonably-priced airbag materials”, we have offered and will offer a large variety of materials for use as airbags at various positions of a vehicle including the driver seat, front passenger seat, side seat and window curtain shield.

In recent years, Seiren has commenced production of materials for use as airbags in positions of a vehicle so as to protect the legs and knees of occupants of the vehicle. In addition, we have also directed our efforts toward the development of materials for airbags such as one for use in the bonnet of a vehicle, designed to be deployed upon collision with another vehicle or object. In this way, through our airbag material business division, we have contributed to creating safer vehicles.

Custom-Ordered Seat Materials

Through its unique digital system “Viscotecs” designed to enable representation of a wide range of colors on fabric, our company can offer custom-ordered seat materials to meet customers’ needs in line with their vehicle design concepts.

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