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  • January 20, 2011

What is Viscotecs?

Viscotecs is the name of the Seiren original production system and the products from the system. Viscotecs enables digital management of product planning and manufacturing, and provided high-quality ink-jet printed textile in shorter lead-time and shorter run.

Our textiles are mainly made of KB'seiren's yarn which is our group company, and they have received good reputation for comfortable feel and appearance. Seiren also has created original designs/graphics in every season. With combination of these textiles and design, you can enjoy a variety of seasonal collection.

AW2011-12 Collection

And more...

SS2012 Collection

And more...

Visco Fabrics
Viscotecs' expressiveness and Seiren's original textile generate completely new material. Viscotecs high-resolution expression provides unique products and it will release you from the limitation and enable you to make a breakthrough collection.
Denim graphic on stretch textile makes "Comfortable stretch denim" Woven tweed graphic on ultra-thin textile makes" Knitted tissue graphic on usual textile makes
Moreover, you will have different materials from one textile through Viscotecs.

Our original textile and design can be provided from 1m long.
Your inquiry for textiles and designs, cost and delivery is always welcome.

Visit the Viscotecs Site

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