Social and Environmental

Seiren works to help create a happy and prosperous world as a company considerate to humans and the earth

Seiren works toward the creation of an affluent and pleasant earth and society as a company gentle to humans and the earth.

Philosophy for Social Activity

  • We comply with domestic and international laws, social norms, and their spirit necessary for our corporate activities and strive to become a company trusted by society. Recognizing that we are a member of international society, we contribute to the economic development of the region, while pushing forward to grow in harmony with society. Also, in order to ensure employees' lively, healthy minds and bodies, we make efforts to realize safe, comfortable working conditions based on mutual trust and responsibility between labor and management.

Seiren's Philosophy for Environmental Conservation

  • Having the protection of humans and the global environment in view, we conduct corporate activities in all processes and organizations of research and development, production, and sales that allow not only our employees, but also our customers and people from the local community, to work and live in peace.
  • Environmental Conservation Activities Policy
  • Offer products and services that are gentle to humans and the earth
    Create an environment where people can work in peace
    Create a work system that generates little loss
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