Seiren's technology contributes to a healthy, comfortable lifestyle. Our technology is also at the forefront of medicine, such as iPS cell cultures.


Sericin is a natural protein derived from silkworm cocoons. Sericin protects cocoons from a variety of external stimuli, and we discovered that it also has an anti-aging effect on humans. We have harnessed this effect for the development and sale of health-promoting products, such as fabrics, cosmetics, and medical materials that are easy on the skin.

What is Sericin?

Medical Products

Seiren's technology actively contributes to the medical field, where a high level of safety and quality control is required.
We manufacture and sell medical products that contribute to a healthy and comfortable lifestyle while continuing to deepen and integrate our technological achievements.

Deodorizing Products

We plan, manufacture, and sell brands "DEOEST" and "Fast-Acting Deodorizer" made with "Inodore Quick", a powerful deodorizing material that is anti-bacterial with its deodorizing property resistant to repeated laundering. We've developed products for a variety of uses, including underwear, socks, and nursing garments, to ensure a comfortable lifestyle for anyone troubled by odors.

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