Environment & Life Materials

Supported by its textile technology developed for over a hundred years, Seiren manufactures and develops materials to support people's lives in a wide variety of areas, from construction to interiors, nursing, and more.

Housing Materials

Seiren has developed lightweight, durable housing materials by capitalizing on its long accumulated textile technology.
To contribute to a comfortable lifestyle, we provide housing materials that promote health and accommodate a variety of environments, such as moisture-permeable yet waterproof sheet material "Lamitect series" for use as a substrate for exterior walls, and "CI Flag Series" for use as advertising sheets for construction scaffolding.

Materials for the Living Environment

Capitalizing on our line of exclusive high-value added materials, and our ability to perform integrated processing all within the Seiren group, from the threads to the final product, we sell interior items (office chair covers and window shade substrate fabrics), nursing related goods (bedcovers and more), special apparel, and fast-acting deodorizers. We assist with creating an environment that is both functional and comfortable.

Industrial Products

We supply a wide range of merchandise, such as light shielding materials for photographic film, base materials for wigs, and uniforms for industrial use, to meet sophisticated market needs and support a variety of industries.

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