With Viscotecs at the core, our wide product line includes custom-made merchandise as well as our own clothing label, fashionable apparel, sportswear, swimsuits, and more.

Sportswear and Innerwear

The combination of Seiren's highly functional, high-value added materials with Viscotecs designs offers limitless possibilities for sportswear and innerwear that meet a variety of market needs.

Fashionable Apparel

Seiren offers OEM services for domestic and foreign apparel manufacturers.
We use our unique technology, starting with Viscotecs, to plan and propose merchandise with superior designs and functionality. We accept orders starting with small lots and are proud to have satisfied customers.

SPA Apparel

Through the Internet and other communication networks, we directly link users with production centers. We've given "high-fashion" in an entirely new form, responding to each user's individual needs by offering custom-made merchandise and expansion of original-brand retail stores.

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