Going beyond textiles to usher in a "new electronic age"

Striving for expansion into the electronics field

Developed from highly functional textiles, cutting-edge weaving/knitting technology, and a variety of processing/finishing techniques, our new composite materials are in the spotlight and are a promising innovation in a variety of industries which become more digitalized.
We at Seiren are constantly striving to create highly functional, quality electronics products.

Electronics Merchandise and Materials



Due to its flexibility, flex-resistance, lightweight, and secondary workability, this conductive fabric has found a wide range of applications as EMC parts.

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Conductive Pattern Film

Conductive Pattern Film

This functional, conductive pattern film combines high-resolution printing technology with conductive processing techniques.


We've developed high-density mesh material "Micro-Mesh", which combines excellent acoustic properties with water and dust repellency, for use in earphones and speakers in smart phones and mobile phones.

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Purita", an Antistatic non-dusting Fabric

"Purita", an Antistatic non-dusting Fabric

Purita has truly optimized high filtration efficiency along with high air permeability.
"Belltron", a High-Performance Antistatic Fiber

"Belltron", a High-Performance Antistatic Fiber

This fiber is a high-performance conductive fiber that effectively inhibits the generation of static electricity that can cause numerous problems

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"Savina", a High-Performance Wiping Cloth for Super Clean Rooms

"Savina", a High-Performance Wiping Cloth for Super Clean Rooms

This high-performance wiping cloth, made with KB Seiren's Belima X, is suitable for the dust-free environment of super clean rooms.

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