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Seiren’s integrated production system achievable only through its unique expertise in the entire field of textile from fiber to fabric

Through its unique integrated production system covering all stages of textile fabric production from fiber making to fabric cutting and sewing, our company can develop and offer products differentiated from those of competitors in terms of quality, cost, design, delivery time, environmental friendliness and other elements, while proactively addressing the challenges of the times to globalize our products through sales, production and procurement at optimal locations around the world.

Production Process Flow

1.Yarn   2.Warping   3.Knitting   4.Dyeing   5.Napping
Yarn Warping Knitting Dyeing Napping
6.Printing   7.Finishing   8.Lamination   9.Cutting   10.Sewing
Printing Finishing Lamination Cutting Sewing

Seiren has successfully utilized IT to digitalize information on each stage of the production process in order to reduce in-process inventory and in-process waiting time, thereby achieving stable product quality and short product delivery time.

Global production centers

Global production centers
Country Company name Business Activities
Asia Japan SEIREN CO., LTD. KB SEIREN, LTD. Interior material / Air bag
China Seiren Suzhou Co., Ltd. Interior material / Air bag
Thailand Saha Seiren Co., Ltd. Interior material / Air bag
Indonesia PT.SEIREN INDONESIA Interior material
North America USA Viscotec Automotive Products, LLC Interior material
USA Viscotec World Design Center, LLC Planning and Design
South America Brazil Seiren Produtos Automotivos Ltda. Interior material

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