Management strategy

With the motto “The time for change is now”, we will persistently implement structural reform to overcome challenges and strive to be a company that “adds value to people’s lives”.

For the past 20 years, the slogan “Changing Seiren for a Different Seiren” has been indicative of putting forth maximum effort to create an excellent company attuned to the needs of the 21st century. This fundamental strategy is outlined in the 4 points below.

Four Business Strategies

(1) Utilization of IT & Business model innovation(Direct Distribution to Customers)

  • Utilizing IT to construct a new business model

(2) Expansion into Non-Clothing & Non-Textile Fields

  • Creating new business through unrivaled and unique technology

(3) Globalization

  • Developing business on a global scale

(4) Strengthening of Corporate Culture

  • A strong business structure through creativeness, responsibility, and commitment

Throughout the time since these four basic strategies were established in 1988 up until the present day, we have coped with various economic environments and severe changes in social structures as well as in the distribution system, but when we assess the outcomes achieved as a result of our efforts we feel certain that these were far-sighted and solid strategies for any era. We will continue to move ahead with these basic strategies in the future as we work to achieve further progress.
Specific details are as indicated below.

(1) Utilization of IT & Business model innovation(Direct Distribution to Customers)

Our goal is to accomplish our company’s vision of becoming a 21st Century business model that will realize “zero waste and loss” as the ultimate environmental countermeasures by developing “small lot, quick delivery, inventory-free, on-line, low cost, saving resources and saving energy” capabilities through the “integrated distribution functions” of planning, production and sales and an “integrated system of production” from original fiber production to sewn products manufacturing, responding at 100% to consumer needs and CS (customer satisfaction). To achieve the above goal, we will:

1) Further improve our company’s unique digital production system “Viscotecs®” and SCM (supply-chain management) system to achieve smaller lots, quicker delivery and better on-line capabilities;

2) Develop the “Viscotecs Make Your Brand” personal order shop on a full scale by promoting development of contents and systems to improve convenience, such as virtual trial fitting to expand our original fashion brand business with executing a total new business model which aims inventory-free retail management; and

3) Develop and expand sales of our group’s integrated production merchandise taking advantage of the special original fiber from KB Seiren, Ltd.

(2) Expansion into Non-Clothing & Non-Textile Fields

In order to extend our business into non-clothing and non-textile fields, we will specifically:

1) Expand the market and sales for the non-textile Viscotecs® system based direct sales business, which responds to various customer needs for resource and energy saving in the fields of non-textile materials including metals, ceramics, plastics, glass and concrete by achieving early commercialization of small lot, quick delivery and high-value-added goods at the SV factory which produces non-textile Viscotecs® for automotive instrument panels and interior materials, etc.;

2) Expand sales of the “new material surpassing leather (QUOLE)” for automotive upholstery to achieve development and sales expansion of high-value-added goods through the addition of new comfortable functions and high durability performance, as well as combination with non-textile Viscotecs®;

3) Develop applications and markets and expand sales for the LCP fiber “Zxion®” and PPS fiber “Gradio®” which are engineering plastic fibers of KB Seiren, Ltd.;

4) Expand sales of our original products based on silk protein “sericin”, such as cosmetic series “comoace®”, health care products and other medical products originally developed based on its outstanding properties – moisture retention, skin whitening, enzyme stabilization, cellular protection and anti-oxidation; and

5) Expand sales of “DEOEST®” (developed for use as material for underwear), with its fast-acting deodorizing qualities, and the “Inodore Quick Fast-Acting Deodorizer” series (developed for use as material for blankets, sheets, nursing care products, etc.).


In order to develop our business on a global scale, we will:

1) Augment our world market share in the automotive business by upgrading and expanding new overseas bases;

2) Expand our apparel products business based at Saha Seiren in Thailand with its stable operations for integrated apparel production from original fiber to finished products centering on “Viscotecs®”; and

3) Expand sales of products to differentiate the Seiren Group through a newly established sales subsidiary in Shanghai (KB SEIREN Shanghai Chemical Fiber, LTD.).

(4)Strengthening of Corporate Culture

In order to strengthen the corporate culture of our group, we will specifically:

1) Raise the Awareness of the Employees by:

A) Having them understand the objectives of their assigned jobs and clarifying their roles and responsibilities in order to fulfill these objectives; and

B) Having them carry out their assigned jobs by thoroughly following the corporate philosophy (“Nobi-nobi, Iki-iki and Pichi-pichi” meaning self-motivation, responsibility and commitment, respectively) and applying our “Five Corporate Principles (Go-gen-Shugi)” of “theoretical approach”, “observance of rules”, “field visits”, “actual product and fact-based analysis”, as well as by complying with the corporate activity systems such as “Seiryu Seisan (rectified production)”, “Mieru-ka (visualization)”, “Mitsuke-mashita-ne (search activities)”, “Kakumei-teki VA katsudo” (revolutionary VA activities)”, “Kaikaku-shoshudan-katsudo (small reform group activities)” and “intelligence”;

2) Enhance the Group as a Research and Development Enterprise by:
Proactively investing in and creating an environment for activities including technology development, facility/equipment development and software development;

3) Enhance the Group as a Global Enterprise by:
Strengthening our overseas management and administration functions and human resources for our future global business expansion;

4) Enhance our Financial Strength and Promote our Cash Flow Management by:
Improving the company’s capital-to-asset ratio, ROE (return on equity), ROA (return on assets), interest-bearing debt ratio and other performance indicators, as well as operating our group’s surplus funds efficiently;

5) Enhance our Consolidated Group Management by:
Maximizing our group’s enterprise value through clarification of the role and responsibility of each group company and establishment of an efficient and optimal system for corporate governance, as well as reviewing, selection and concentration of each company’s businesses; and

6) Restructure our Headquarters by:

A) Taking steps such as creating mechanisms and systems for speedy management, as well as enhancing the roles and functions of the President’s staff; and

B) Integrating and centralizing the headquarters functions that are duplicated within the group (human resources, purchasing, accounting, information planning, etc.), and increasing the efficiency of the personnel.

With our motto “the time for change is now,” we will continue to vigorously push forward with our aim of being a company that “adds value to people’s lives” by steadily pursuing the tasks outlined above without relaxing the hand of reform.

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