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Four Consecutive Quarters of Increased Yields and Profits! New Records in Operating Profit, Ordinary Income, and Net Income!

In the current consolidated fiscal year, the Japanese economy, backed by bullish corporate earnings, has shown improvements in the job climate and in individual income. However, signs of a recovery in consumer spending remain yet to be seen. Looking to the global economy, with the deceleration of economic growth in China and emerging nations, the prolonged slump in crude oil prices, and the appreciation of the yen since the beginning of the year, the future remains as ever opaque.

Amidst this environment, the Seiren Group announced its medium-term policy promoting “reform into a 21st century company!” Even as the operational environment of the Group continues to change, we are implementing a medium-term business strategy focused on the pillars of “the creation of new business” and “global business expansion” in order to ensure that we always meet the needs of our customers, secure stable revenue, and achieve continuous growth. In addition, we are also working to strengthen our earning capacity and the quality of our company through measures such as the expansion of organizational performance and our development of the human resources needed for the execution of strategy, the improvement of productivity, the optimization of business, and the implementation thorough cost reductions.

In regard to our consolidated business performance in the current consolidated fiscal year, yields and profit increased throughout all four quarters, resulting in new record highs in operating profit, ordinary income, and net income. Sales were 108.107billion yen ( 0.8% increase compared with the previous consolidated fiscal year), operating profit was 9.648billion yen (17.2% increase), ordinary income was 10.282billion yen (17.2% increase), and current net income attributable to parent company stockholders was 7.025billion yen (14.6% increase).

June 2017
Chairman and C.E.O. Tatsuo Kawada

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