ISO 14001

Environmental Conservation

Seiren aggressively promotes activities toward ISO 14001 certification with the aim of contributing to environmental conservation.

Automotive Interior Division , Seiren Co., Ltd.

  • 09504

  • Registered scope of ISO 14001 certification
    Registration date December 27, 2000 Renewal on November 27,2014
    Certification ISO14001:2004 (JIS Q 14001:2004)
    Related offices included in the registered scope

    Automotive Interior Division(include Nitta no.3 plant), Futsukaichi office, Nagoya branch, Toyota sales office, Hamamatsu Sales office, Atsugi sales office, Wako sales office, Hiroshima sales office

    Registered scope Planning, development, design, manufacturing and sales of automotive interior materials and airbags
    Certificate number 09504
    Environmental Policy The Automotive Interior Division of Seiren Co., Ltd., understands the importance of the manufacture of eco-friendly cars in the automobile industry and pursues living in better harmony with the global environment with the company-wide Environmental Conservation Philosophy in mind during such business activities as the development, manufacturing, and sales of textile products, including automotive seat , door materials, ceiling materials and airbags, etc.

KB Seiren, Ltd. Nagahama Plant

  • JQA-EM0188

  • Registered scope of ISO 14001 certification
    Registration date

    July 17,1998

    Certification ISO 14001:2004
    Registered scope 1. Design, development and manufacturing (knitting, finishing, and commercialization) of industrial textile.
    2.Dyeing of synthetic fiber, composite materials
    Certificate number JQA-EM0188
    Environmental Policy KB Seiren Nagahama Plant endeavors to maintain and improve the natural environment in accordance with the Environmental Protection Philosophy of Seiren throughout its business activities as a member of the Seiren Group by supplying products and services friendly to humans and the earth.

KB Seiren, Ltd. Hokuriku Synthetic Fiber Plant

  • JQA-EM1959

  • Registered scope of ISO 14001 certification
    Registration date

    December 7, 2001
    Renewal on June 7, 2010

    Certification ISO 14001:2004
    Registered scope (1)The design / Development and manufacture of following products.
     1. Polyester fibers and polyamide fibers
     2. Polyester resins
     3. Non-woven fabric made of thermoplastic polymers
    (2)The manufacture of polyester resin and sheet.
    Certificate number JQA-EM1959
    Environmental Policy Plants in the Hokuriku districts promote the following environmental preservation activities considering that we are the plants that develop and manufacture resins, sheets, thermoformed products, fibers, and weaving.

    1. Observe all environmental laws and regulations and implement voluntary standards and operational procedures to prevent pollution, as well as endeavor to continually improve performance of the environmental management system.
    2. The following items should be especially promoted.
    (1) Prevention of pollution of the environment due to chemical substances
    (2) Saving of electricity and heavy oil for prevention of global warming
    (3) Reduction and recycling of waste for effective use of resources
    (4) Beautification of the environment with regard to the surrounding landscape
    3. In order to achieve these environmental policies, establish environmental objectives and targets shall be established at each plant and committee in the Hokuriku site, and endeavor to continually improve performance of the environmental management system by further fulfillment and review of the environmental management system.
    4. Perform environmental training and promotional activities to enhance understanding of the environmental policies and awareness of environmental issues by all employees in all departments.
    5. The environmental policies shall be distributed electronically or as a booklet to all employees in all departments and shall be disclosed publicly when requested.


Viscotec Automotive Products, LLC (U.S.A.)

  • 113383

  • Registered scope of ISO 14001 certification
    Registration date January 8, 2004
    Certification ISO14001:2004/(JIS Q 14001:2004)
    Registered scope Manufacture of Interior Fabrics for the Automotive Industry
    Certificate number 113383
    Environmental Policy

    Viscotec Automotive Products, LLC is committed to conducting its operation in an environmentally responsible manner. In order to maintain and continually improve our environmental performance, we will:

    1 Implement measures to conserve raw material, energy and, where practical, to prevent pollution through recycling and waste reduction at the source.
    2 Maintain compliance with federal, state and local regulations and other requirements affecting the environment.
    3 Routinely evaluate and audit our processes to measure and track environmental performance.
    4 Establish specific environmental goals and targets that strive for continual improvement.
    5 Encourage concern and respect for the environment by emphasizing every employee's responsibility for environmental performance and adopting appropriate operating practices and training.
    6 Share information about our environmental performance and the operation of our Environmental Management System with interest members of the public.

Saha Seiren Co., Ltd. Sriracha Plant (THAILAND)

  • Registered scope of ISO 14001 certification
    Registration date June 17, 2009
    Certification ISO14001:2004
    Registered scope Manufacture of automotive interior fabrics and coating of Airbag fabrics
    Certificate number 26520
    Environmental Policy Aim industry No.1 in development, manufacturing, and costs

Seiren Produtos Automotivos Ltda.(BRAZIL)

  • Registered scope of ISO 14001 certification
    Registration date March 15, 2008
    Certification ISO14001:2004
    Registered scope Planning, manufacturing and sales of automotive interior fabrics
    Certificate number BR08/3734
    Environmental Policy 1. Provide quality to the satisfaction of customers
    2. Implement precise production control (planning and result)
    3. Perform continual improvement with all employees as a team

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