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With our Viscotecs system as the key to our business strategies – “Utilization of Information Technology (IT)”, “Direct Distribution to Customers” and “Global Expansion of Business”, our business activities span a variety of fields both inside and outside the textile industry.

Business Information

  • Viscotecs


    This environmental-friendly business model allows us to manufacture exactly what our customers want, exactly when they want it, as much as they want.

  • Automotive Interior

    Automotive Interior

    We offer the same high-quality products throughout the world with no time lag or sense of distance. We also develop new products to match any need, from sheet fabrics to upholstery decorative parts.

  • Sports/Fashion


    Seiren's sports and fashion line meets a variety of customer needs.

  • Electronics


    Cutting-edge textile technology enables us to meet the quickly changing needs of the electronics industry.

  • Medical


    Our wide variety of products supports our customers' wide-ranging medical and daily lifestyle needs.

  • Environment & Life Materials

    Environment & Life Materials

    We strive to create a living space that is environmentally and ecologically friendly and comfortable.

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